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We are a one-stop solution for all the supply chain compliance needs of the pharmaceutical, device and consumer products industry.

The MedAssure Advantage:

A repeatable, predictable process supported by a multi disciplinary team of industry and regulatory experts. Managing risks in the Supply Chain through:

  • Knowledge and experience of working with regulators and law enforcement agencies in the US
  • Proactively detecting, assessing and mitigating risks on a continuous basis
  • Proprietary methodology and analytics platform to quantitatively assess the risk
  • First-hand knowledge of operating in emerging markets

A comprehensive and unique solution that:

  • Contains both preventive (through monitoring) and corrective (audits and remediation) components – in that order
  • Includes consulting, technology, monitoring, and remediation aspects
  • Multidisciplinary team of industry and regulatory experts including experts in supply chain fraud detection
  • Supply chain fraud-detection analytics as part of the monitoring and analysis